Welcome To Body Restorations!

Tell me, why are you here? To finally take charge of your health? To pamper yourself? Because someone recommended you to me? Or because you are tired of the pain your body has, that continually comes back, and you feel stuck? Either way I am here for you, to help you in whatever goals you have set.  At Body Restorations, we use a blend of advanced neurological corrective techniques in combination with movement and skilled soft tissue work to keep our clients performing for life. It’s time we have a conversation with your body, are you ready? Just like we need food and water for nourishment, our bodies require physical care to thrive, remain youthful and improve recovery. With the uses of P-DTR ( Proprioceptive-Deep Tendon Reflex),  Neuromuscular Reprogramming(NMR) , Cranial Nerve Therapy, Active/passive movement and massage, circulation improves, new neuropathways are created bringing more oxygen, nutrients and stronger signals to your muscles, facilitating immediate relief and long-term results.

Body Restorations seeks to improve your wellness through healthy observation and physical communication with the body. Understanding there is not a one-size-fits-all session , we use a targeted non-invasive approach to provide space and guide you into a pain-free life, allowing you to take control of your wellness.

Our body work sessions help combat long-term damage caused from a variety of circumstances – ranging from past traumas (both physical and emotional), work stress, travel or injury, to common conditions like sciatica, carpel tunnel, or planter fasciitis.

If you are looking to improve your quality of life and your relationship with your body, Body Restorations is here to help navigate that journey. Healing is not quick and is definitely not easy. But, if you are ready I am ready and we will work as a team to cultivate as much healing your body feels safe enough to feel.

Check out what our customers have to say!

“As a wheelchair user, I consistently have issues associated with over usage of my shoulders as well as problems from sitting for long periods of time. Ariel Campbell’s massage program has been an integral part of my success and continued mobility. The program that she has designed has helped stave off pain and allowed me to regain fervor for life’s activities. I would absolutely recommend her massage program for anyone that deals with chronic health issues.”

Wesley C

“I have been receiving body work 2-3 times a month for several years, for stress and pain management. I moved from CA to TX and did not have a lot of hope that I would find someone with both the deep tissue expertise and intuitiveness that I had grown accustomed to from the CA massage therapist that I had been seeing for more than 10 years. I was SO HAPPY to find Ariel. She is amazing at what she does, loves it (you can tell), and is professional and just a beautiful spirit. If you are very picky like me, with high expectations, you cannot go wrong with Ariel.”

Christina R

“Being new to massages, I wasn’t sure what to expect.
Ariel provides a very relaxed atmosphere and an amazing massage. She could tell where my problem areas were without my telling her. And knowing that I was brand new to this, she told me exactly what she was doing, while she was doing it. She even gave me some pointers… Ariel has definitely made a customer out of me!”

Daniel P