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Ariel Campbell is a dreamer, a functional neurology fanatic, and a lover of helping people get into their alignment. She is here to help create a lasting difference in this world one beautiful person at a time. Ariel has spent the last 11 years of her career fine tuning her skills and stepping more fully into her role as a facilitator of change. Spending countless hours in a multitude of courses Ariel uses an Emotional Somatic Approach unlike many others. She has found the most important thing is not what you do but the order in which you do things that creates the most profound, efficient and lasting change.   

Words from Ariel: My journey isn’t uncommon for many people, having dealt with years of physical, sexual and emotional trauma. It had resulted in a multitude of symptoms: High functioning anxiety, depression, TMJ pain, chronic joint/back pain, low libido, panic attacks, hormone imbalances, sleepless nights, binge eating, years of intoxication with drugs and alcohol, etc. I spent years in talk therapy, and I was very good at intellectualizing my emotions. I thought, “This is it. It doesn’t get better from here; I just get better at handling my “Normal.” It wasn’t until I started implementing the type of bodywork I offer and restoring safety to my nervous system that I felt a significant difference in my mental, emotional, and physical health.”

It has since been Ariel’s journey and purpose to help fellow humans come Home, to the safety of themselves and to who they are meant to be. 


Muscle Testing has nothing to do with Muscles. It’s a glimpse inside your Nervous System’s capacity to control force.

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