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With Body Restorations, your journey starts here. Please be sure to explore all our offers and choose the healing path that is right for you.

Explore the World of Health

Utilizing 10 years of Massage Therapy , Functional Neurology, Cranial Nerve Therapy, Lymphatic drainage, Lab Testing and Supplementation, you will learn a multitude of ways to take your body out of pain and into health.

Discover the underlining root cause with Integrative Health Coaching

Using state-of-the-art-Functional Medicine Lab testing and a full history intake we can find the deep rooted answers to rebalancing your body and getting you well.

Emotional Resets

Gathering together Applied kinesiology and Functional Neurology we are able to tap into the subconscious mind and help you resolved past trauma quickly and effectively, that are effecting your body.

What People Say

I love working with Ariel! She is magnificent in her ability to communicate with the body and efficiently get to the root cause of issues! Her expertise is what I have been missing in my healing journey. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is suffering from chronic pain and looking for answers. 

Mary Sopha
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