“I wouldn’t let anyone else give me a massage. She knows what she is doing and listens to your needs! I can’t wait for my next one!”

Amber B

“As an avid Crossfitter, I have found it is very important (and difficult) to properly take care of my body. I have visited countless massage therapists, chiropractors and specialists, and Ariel has been the most effective by far! Her massages are amazing for removing soreness and improving mobility. I strongly recommend her to anyone who isContinue reading “Brett B”

Brett B

“As an ‘older athlete’ I am constantly bruised, sore, and banged up. Ariel works magic by reducing my downtime, relieving tension and expediting the healing process. Her deep tissue massages made a world of difference in my training.”

Brian W

“I have been receiving body work 2-3 times a month for several years, for stress and pain management. I moved from CA to TX and did not have a lot of hope that I would find someone with both the deep tissue expertise and intuitiveness that I had grown accustomed to from the CA massageContinue reading “Christina R”

Christina R

“Being new to massages, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Ariel provides a very relaxed atmosphere and an amazing massage. She could tell where my problem areas were without my telling her. And knowing that I was brand new to this, she told me exactly what she was doing, while she was doing it. SheContinue reading “Daniel P”

Daniel P

“As a professional triathlete and elite level cyclist the effects of training can be brutal on the body. Recovery methods play a big part in being able to do the training day in and day out. Ariel’s professionalism and dedication helps make sure I receive the necessary massage and recovery I need to train and race atContinue reading “Grayson K”

Grayson K

“As a runner I value a body that can respond to the demands placed on it. I had never had a massage before about a year ago when I was dealing with an injury just a few months out from my first marathon. I came to see Ariel and I’ve been hooked ever since. NotContinue reading “Kelly A www.redheadontherun.com”

Kelly A www.redheadontherun.com

“I have had many massages throughout the years, but all fail in comparison to Ariel! She loves what she does, and not only does it show, but you can FEEL it!! Absolutely amazing!! You will never be disappointed!”

Kim F

“After waiting tables for what seems like a lifetime, I finally moved into my DREAM job! There was one huge downside though… sitting at a desk all day isn’t what the doctor ordered for my back and neck. ARIEL IS, HOWEVER! Deep tissue massages once a week helped keep my body more relaxed at work and reduced stress!Continue reading “Lance K”

Lance K

“I met Ariel at Flywheel Sports where I teach several indoor cycling classes each week. I try and use a foam roller (like I’m supposed to) but my legs and hip flexors still take a beating and I can feel it by the end of the day. I was so impressed on how quickly sheContinue reading “Missy Q”

Missy Q
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