What are Emotional Resets & Psych Reversals ?

The human body is an intelligent living organism constantly re-creating itself in response to stimuli. Some of these stimuli are physical trauma and injury, some are emotional. Your body “keeps the score” of everything that has ever happen to it, from before birth till now. The brain can store memories and emotions in muscular structures and movement patterns.

The emotional trauma of your past could very well be the root cause of your current pain or imbalance . Getting the body to a place of safety allows the body to process trauma it never had the chance to process fully. This is a very personal process and your privacy will be respected. Whatever you are processing does not have to be spoken about unless you’d like to share.

Below is the Hierarchy of needs for the body. As you can see, the Brain, which encompasses the Limbic system (or Emotional brain) is a higher priority than the muscles and ligaments. Your body can create muscle, joint or organ imbalances to support an emotional issue the body is having. Through Functional Neurology, we are able to tap into the Limbic System to down regulate past traumas and old limitations, giving the body a chance to create new Neural pathways.

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